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Sherry Cerino

256 | Sherry Cerino: Author, Publisher & Founder 

Every child deserves to have a friend and our books create conversations and kindness. 

-Sherry Cerino 

Meet a lifelong nurse turned children’s author and publisher.   Sherry Cerino is on a mission to educate young children about differences.  Newly retired after 45 years of nursing at Boston's top hospitals, Sherry went back to school to learn how to run a non-profit and created Ellasway, an acronym for Early Learning Leads to Acceptance.  A collaboration of 35 authors from around the world whose messages are centered around themes of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion, Sherry mentors these authors, offering support and advice.  Ellasway uses donations to buy the books from these authors and sends them to areas of need including hospitals and shelters.  The proud author of many books including Ella & the All-Stars, Sherry has been bringing her books into schools to read to children for the last 10 years, partnering with teachers on curriculum, and inspiring children wherever she goes.  Her target audience is kindergarten where friendships often begin. Says Sherry:  “When choosing a friend, children often pick a child who looks like them.  Our curriculum celebrates differences and creates conversations about inclusion and kindness.”   Born and raised in snowy, cold Watertown,  New York, Sherry grew up in a household where she was expected to pull her weight and be a problem solver.  Her determination to do good and accomplish big goals shines through in this up-close and personal interview.  Says Sherry:  “I’m like a dog with a bone.  If I have an idea and I want to make it happen, I do whatever I need to do to get it done.”  For a tutorial on passion and the power of bringing a noble idea to life, just hit that download button.  #education #inclusion #differences #childrensbooks

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