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#1 New Release on Amazon

Don’t let anyone tell you that dreams don’t come true, because they do!  My daughter Colleen and I have been quietly writing a children’s book series for years called Nelson’s Garden and we’re proud to tell you that our first book is ready for you and your family.  

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Meet the Authors

Our sweet tale is a partially true, partially made up story about a real man named Nelson McNutt who lived to be 105.  Many moons ago, he would tip his hat to us as we drove by his ancient farmhouse and beautiful garden in Weston, Massachusetts. We met him one day by his mailbox and were so intrigued by his personality, Colleen and I knew that someday, we would write a book about him.  


And that brings us to the made-up part of our story. Sisters Belle, Rosie and their mother, Grace meet Nelson by his mailbox and Belle shares her summer wish to learn how to grow a garden. What happens next is a negotiation with cranky Nelson for a summer job in the garden. Enchanted by Belle’s enthusiasm, Nelson agrees to teach her gardening tricks, and along the way, both sisters learn not only about Mother Earth, but valuable life lessons about respect for our elders, responsibility, and patience. As Belle’s summer wish comes true, flowers bloom and friendship grows in Nelson’s Garden. 

Illustrated by Olivia Bosson who used her mother's garden in Woodbury, Connecticut for added inspiration, the book is overflowing with the natural beauty of a garden at it's finest. We're grateful to Olivia for sharing her artistic talents with us and we're sending up a wish that Nelson's Garden finds a forever home on your bookshelf. 


Download our author assets below and join us on social as we share the many stories behind the creation of the Nelson’s Garden series!


Facebook: @nelsonsgarden     Instagram: @nelsonsgardenbook


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Special thanks to our publisher, Stacy Padula, founder of Briley & Baxter Publications 

A story from the authors.

Opening the first box of books.

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