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Sheilah Dorsey

070|Sheilah Dorsey - Podcast Interview

Science and music: it is rare to have a career in both of these fields, but for Sheilah Dorsey, they are a perfect match. She's been singing all of her life, but she also gets plenty of joy from working in biotech where the goal is to discover life-saving drugs and treatments. Her love of music goes way back to her childhood when her father rescued an old jukebox from a restaurant. On that day, Sheilah was introduced to just about every form of music and a lifelong love of singing, songwriting, and recording was born. But from 9-5, Monday through Friday, this talented singer cannot be found singing at all. For the past ten years, Sheilah has been earning a living in healthcare systems management and administration. Her life story is a rich tapestry of experience in two very different worlds. As it turns out, Sheilah is not the only biotech pro who loves music. She is fronting a band called Almost The Cure and will be singing for charity at the famous Battle of the Biotech Bands May 30, 2019, at Club Royale in Boston. In this interview, Sheilah shares her life philosophy: "Don't ever let fear stop your goals and dreams. Once you have life and breath, the possibilities are endless." Download this one today. You'll be glad you did! #biotechbattle #16LifeLessons #storybehindhersuccess @BWME #mydoveproductions

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