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Karen Staley

148|Karen Staley - Podcast Interview

In 30+ years of writing songs, I’ve never had writer’s block. God gives me something every time.

- Karen Staley

We’re on the road in Nashville, Tennessee for this edition of The Story Behind Her Success. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a hit songwriter in Guitar Town, hit that download button because Karen Staley’s story is filled with wisdom. Born in Weirton, West Virginia and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Karen was focused on athletics when she was growing up until she injured her back in her senior year of high school. It was a music teacher who gave her a guitar and taught Karen the chords to Annie’s Song by John Denver and Karen just couldn’t put that guitar down. Her steady rise in Nashville has included being a featured singer/songwriter at the famous Bluebird Cafe, touring and singing backup with Reba, Dolly and Faith Hill as well as writing about 1,000 songs, including mega-hits Take Me As I Am and Let’s Go To Vegas for Faith Hill and Keeper of the Stars for Tracy Byrd. In this interview, Karen shares both the joys and frustrations of making a living as a songwriter, adding that her greatest hope is that in this life, she has used all of her God-given talents.

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