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Valerie McSorley

242 | Valerie McSorley: Super Connector, SVP at

Being a connector is my calling. This is the work that lights me up. -Valerie McSorley

Valerie McSorley could claim the title of “super-connector” any day of the week. She’s been building her vast professional network for decades by producing live, major market industry events, developing businesses and creating strategic partnerships that endure the test of time. She’s currently the Senior Vice President for Partner Success at livepro, a knowledge management system designed specifically for contact centers. For over 20 years, Val has been bringing people together for better results by developing the acronym C.O.A.R: communicate, offer, ask receive. But at the root of her success is the fact that people in just about every field know and trust her. She may be “an army of one” but you can count on Val and the caliber of the company she keeps. A seasoned corporate event planner and emcee, she has always had the gift of foresight: “I see the whole picture. I understand how the pieces come together and I am unafraid to have difficult conversations. Plus, I never ask anyone to do anything I would not do myself.” Born and raised in New York’s Hudson Valley, Val’s lifelong role model was and still is her nearly 100-year-old maternal grandmother. Says Val: “Every single day when I was growing up, she drilled it into me that I was going to go to college. I was going to be successful, make my own money, and most of all, I was going to stand on my own two feet.” The proud mother of two sons, Val is not only a super-connector but a passionate entrepreneur who credits her husband as her biggest fan. For a 23-minute tutorial on how to take become a connector, just hit that download button. #connector #entrepreneur #mentor

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