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Suzanne Picher

182 | Suzanne Picher Interview

When I heard that the fastest growing segment of the homeless population are young moms with one or two children, I said: women would be up in arms to know about this. - Suzanne Picher

Meet a woman who is doing what she can to make a real difference in the lives of homeless women and children in Boston. Suzanne Picher is the Chief Development Officer at a non-profit called Heading Home, Inc. This small but mighty organization meets each client at the door with compassion and hope, providing shelter, and all the support a homeless person needs including programs that lead to the ultimate goal of permanent housing. In this interview, Suzanne says “ Our clients come to us pretty broken, they feel very down about where they are in their lives and on top of that, they have the trauma of not feeling safe and worrying about the safety of their children.” For the story of a woman whose career path has lead her to exactly where she needs to be, just hit that download button.

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