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Steph Palermo

147|Steph Palermo - Podcast Interview

When you live in fear, you’re dying. You are not living. You have to find a way to life your best life, every single day. - Steph Palermo

If you’ve been depressed about what’s going on in the world, or if you’ve ever felt alone and needed some encouragement, Steph Palermo is here to help. The proud mother of four sons, “Just Steph” is an intuitive coach, a healer, and the author of three books. Born with a rare disorder that left the right side of her body impaired, Steph struggled for decades with self-loathing. But not anymore. Her workshops and retreats have one purpose: to help and to heal. This is a woman who understands the value of community and relationships. Says Steph: “you are not taking anything with you. Not the cars. Not the money. Just the love. “ For a shot of inspiration, perseverance, and humor, hit that download button.

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