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Sharon Kan

069|Sharon Kan - Podcast Interview

Are you ready for a masterclass in entrepreneurship? Meet Sharon Kan. She has spent the last 20 years incubating and launching successful businesses in high potential markets. And we're not talking about the small stuff. Sharon has nurtured and developed ideas that have been acquired by giants like Barnes & Noble, Microsoft, SSA Global, and Oracle. Born and raised in Israel, Sharon's early life experience was shaped by five wars and countless terror attacks that left her feeling constantly on edge, but always resilient and hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. Educated in the UK and France, Sharon is also the co-founder of the WIN Lab at Babson College. Her latest project is a unique company called Pepperlane where she serves as CEO. The mission is to create a movement focused on 24 million stay-at-home moms in the United States alone. Sharon wants to build a thriving "mother economy" and her philosophy about entrepreneurship might surprise you because it is not about the money, it is always about the power of ideas. Get out your pen and paper for this episode because there is a lot of wisdom here! @bostonwomeninmediaandentertainment

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