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Raven Blair Glover

154| Raven Blair Glover - Podcast Interview

We have to speak what we want. If you want success in life, you’ve gotta walk the walk and talk the talk until you get there. - Raven Blair Glover

It’s always my goal to introduce you to a woman who will inspire you, and in this episode, we hit the jackpot. Why? Because Raven Blair Glover’s success story didn’t ignite until she was 55 years old, and everyday since then, she’s been on fire! Raven is the founder of the Raven International Broadcast Empire which includes podcasts, radio shows, TV, consulting services, a development deal with Roku, and an agency where podcasters can learn how to monetize their content. It’s hard to believe that the same woman who created this empire used to make ten dollars an hour, working part time. Back then, she thought she wasn’t good enough, that she had no voice and wasn’t deserving of success. But like so many other success stories, Raven’s life got turned upside down when a crisis rocked her family and instead of throwing her hands up in surrender, she decided to“step, show up and grow up” to make her dreams come true while taking care of those she loved. If you are over 50 and you think that your days of dreaming are over, hit that download button, because Raven has a few things to tell you!

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