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Nancy Newman

191 | Nancy Newman: social worker & activist

Hippies sat around on the oval all day, throwing frisbees and sniffing flowers. Radicals put their asses on the line. - Nancy Newman

In this episode, we meet a woman who entered Ohio State in 1967 with a goal of becoming a sorority sister and within one year, became a radical, fiercely protesting the Vietnam War and supporting the Black Panthers. Nancy Newman was a senior, majoring in journalism when college campuses erupted on May 4, 1970 following the Kent State Massacre which left 4 students dead and many injured. Soon after, she was hit in the head with a brick during a demonstration that got out of control. A picture of her being carried out of the angry crowd was all over the news, including the famous CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. In this interview, Nancy tells us what happened next and in her candid story, we hear the words of a woman who felt things so deeply, she put her life and her freedom on the line. Her life’s path led her toward a 40 year career in social work, where she specialized in family therapy and then taught at the college level in Canada. Now retired and living in California, Nancy has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and is writing her memoir. If you lived through it, or if you’ve ever wondered what college life was like in the late 60’s and early 1970’s when bell bottom jeans, love beads, peace signs, psychedelic drugs, and the Vietnam War defined an entire generation, just hit that download button because this episode is for you. #ohiostate #kentstatemassacre #vietnamwar

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