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Megan Driscoll

014 | Megan Driscoll - Podcast Interview

Megan Driscoll was doing just fine as a pharmaceutical sales rep, but she wanted the challenge of starting her own business. So she did. Fifteen years later, Megan is overseeing a thriving, one of a kind global company called Pharmalogics Recruiting, headquartered just outside Boston. In this episode of The Story Behind Her Success, this young, energetic, positive and determined CEO shares her drive to create a work environment where her employees can't wait to come back to work every day. Hear her leadership philosophy and find out how she took the seed of an idea and turned it into a reality. As the 2015 winner of The Stevie Award, this wife, mother, and Entrepreneur of the Year is passionate about pay equality, transparency and #doit4yourdaughters. . Subscribing to The Story Behind Her Success is free. Have access to all the episodes and listen on your schedule!

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