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Maggie Van Galen

233 | Maggie Van Galen : award-winning children’s book author,

When I was a teenager, I had one of those diaries with a little lock. I kept it under my bed and I would pull it out and just start writing. - Maggie Van Galen

Do you love to write? Meet Maggie Van Galen. Inspired by her father’s incredible ability to tell a story, this award-winning children’s book author and wordsmith has been writing since she could hold a pen. Maggie grew up in a tiny town in Northern Michigan where “everyone knew your business before you even did it.” She went to Michigan State wanting nothing more than to be a number and majored in Journalism until someone told her she would never make any money at it, so she pivoted to advertising with an aim to be a copywriter and ended up in corporate sales. It was when Maggie became a mom that her father’s story of Keeno & Ernest resurfaced in her memory as she re-told it to her sons. Teachers who heard the story urged her to put pen to paper and the series came to life, as The Adventures of Keeno & Ernest won the coveted Mom’s Choice Award. Her latest series is a collaboration with a doctor of pediatric occupational therapy called King’s Day Out which empowers children as they navigate life’s adventures. When she is not writing, Maggie shares her talents by offering her services as a ghostwriter, editor, proofreader, and content creator for social media, marketing, and websites. Says Maggie: “Words are my gig. When I sign my books, I write: always follow your dreams. Sometimes, dreams are not right in front of you and that’s because life takes you in different directions." #writer #author #childrensbooks

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