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Lisa Brodeur

07 | Lisa Brodeur - Podcast Interview

"I had no idea who was dead or alive and I can't tell you what that feels like, not knowing, do I even still have a family?" These are the terrifying words of Lisa Brodeur, author of the book A Mother's Journey Through Faith, Hope & Courage. Twenty years ago, this mom's life was forever changed when a drunk driver crashed into her family's minivan, killing her husband, paralyzing her son, breaking her three-year-old daughter's hip so badly she was in a body cast, traumatizing her 5-year-old daughter to the point where she could not speak and leaving Lisa disabled. You might ask yourself, "so how does a family come back from such a huge loss?" That's what Lisa's story is all about: the strength of a mother's love. Don't miss this very special episode of The Story Behind Her Success.

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