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Lindsey Leichthammer

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It’s fun to be a part of the best day of someone’s life.  -Lindsey Leichthammer 

Meet event producer extraordinaire, Lindsey Leichthammer. She’s done everything from fluffing the bride’s dress to keeping the bridal party calm as Nana is being placed in an ambulance minutes before the wedding ceremony begins.  She also knows what it’s like to be responsible for feeding hundreds of people in the middle of a field in Vermont, with no cell service.   By the time you finish listening, you will know for sure that an event producer needs nerves of steel AND a sense of humor.  Fortunately, Lindsey has both in spades. Born and raised in the seaside town of Marshfield, Massachusetts, Lindsey enjoyed the love and support of her parents, and the devotion of her older brother, Taylor.  Ten years her senior, he instilled confidence in his little sister early on.  At 16, Lindsey became a banquet server, offering up bacon-wrapped scallops and dirty martinis at a high-end steakhouse on the beach. In this interview, she recalls loving the excitement of a wedding reception and knew that her career would somehow involve the wedding industry.   A graduate of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, Lindsey

majored in Business and minored in Event Management and Marketing.  From curating 12-person dinner parties for fussy VIPs to lavish farm-to-table weddings in fields to 3000+ festivals, this young woman has done it all!  Now at the helm of her own company called Lindsey Leichthammer Events, she is passionate about delivering unique experiences for her clients.  A true believer in tackling any of life’s obstacle head-on, Lindsey says:  “The only way out is through.  There’s nowhere else to go but on the other side.”   For a quick-witted, yet fact-filled look into the wedding industry, just hit that download button.  @lindslovesevents @candyoterry  #weddings #Vermont #events 

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Amazing conversation with clear sound best voice quality 😍Very talented and extraordinary person madam Lindsey Leichthammer good luck for career.. Cheers all 🙏 she's expert in organising events, travel, and destination wedding 💒

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