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Linda Driscoll

055 |Linda Driscoll - Podcast Interview

Meet a woman who has made it her life's work to give. Linda Driscoll has spent her career in leadership roles for organizations like the American Red Cross, Women's Sports Foundation, the Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation, and the Special Olympics. She has also served as Past President of the Board of Directors for the New England Women's Fund and on the NCAA Boston organizing committee for the Women's Final Four. And if you see a pattern here, you are correct. Playing sports shaped Linda's life and she wants to make sure that every girl gets the chance to play sports, too...even if her family can't afford it. She is the Founder, President & CEO of Dream BIG! a non-profit that provides equipment, athletic footwear, uniforms, program fees, training expenses, and leadership training to girls and young women in low-income situations who want to play sports. Since 2010, Dream BIG! has directly impacted 35,000 girls. Linda's idea for a non-profit, originally written on a napkin during a conversation in a restaurant is now an example to the world. @LindaDriscoll@Dreambigld#storybehindhersuccess#16LifeLessons#mydoveproductions

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