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Lau Lapides

157| Lau Lapides - Podcast Interview

I always felt like I was running a race. Like I was keepin’ score. I had to do more, I had to do better. My husband would always say: who is keeping score? You’re enough. -Lau Lapides

Lau (short for Laurie) Lapides has always known what she wanted to do. Raised in Randolph, MA she remembers vividly that as a child, all she wanted to do was dance. As a teenager, she discovered acting and that passion for the stage continues to this day. The Founder of Lau Lapides Company, Lau holds an MFA from the University of California at Irvine and she has honed her skills as an actor, director, teacher, consultant, executive coach and speech coach. All of these specialities have come full circle to bring her where she is today as the leader of a dynamic team of talented coaches and production pros at The recipient of many awards, Lau takes great pride in nurturing the talents of others: “I look for people who come from a place of authenticity. I call that bringing the real. The real is you and your history, your personality. As a coach, it’s always about layering the cake, not tearing it down and baking it all over again.” For a bird’s eye view into the heart of a true talent, hit that download button. #acting

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