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Lady Fiona Carnarvon

192 | Lady Fiona Carnarvon: The 8th Countess of Carnarvon

We are tenants for a lifetime and this castle is a wonderful lesson for us, because we are just here for a short lifetime, far shorter than the cedar trees or the oak trees. We’re just trying not to muck it up!

- Lady Fiona Carnarvon

This week’s story is steeped in history, including a certain castle named Highclere which you may have seen on the famous series, Downton Abbey. It is also a rare glimpse into the life of British royalty. Lady Fiona Carnarvon is the 8th Countess of Carnarvon and the accomplished author of many books including her latest: Seasons at Highclere. Originally built on this site 1200 years ago, the 5000 acre English estate includes ancient trees, an orangery, a working farm, horses and 7 dogs. Living here and preserving the history of the place is a passion and a calling for Lady Carnarvon and her husband, the Earl of Carnarvon who see themselves as stewards of the land. In this interview, she takes us through her early life, which was shaped for she and her sisters by the loss of their mother and father. Educated at St. Andrew’s University, Lady Fiona Carnarvon has a degree in accounting. She takes us through meeting her husband, becoming a Countess and a stepmother, the birth of her son, Edward, and her philosophy around how to handle obstacles in life. In this episode Lady Fiona Carnarvon also tells the story about how she discovered a secret, handwritten recipe for gin which would become the award-winning Highclere Castle Gin, made from botanicals grown on the estate and distilled in England’s oldest gin distillery. For a rare glimpse into the life of a British Countess, hit that download button as quick as you can. #downtonabbey #highclerecastle #highclerecastlegin

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