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Kristie Dean

197 | Kristie Dean - Founder of The Soul Project

I have created for other women what I know I needed, which is a platform to be seen and to be heard and to be celebrated for being just who you are. - Kristie Dean

We all know what it means to receive healing from medicine, but how do you mend a broken heart? How do you heal your soul? Enter Kristie Dean. The mother of three young girls and a gifted photographer, it wasn’t that long ago when she was sitting in a parking lot in tears, feeling like she had lost her way. Now the Founder & Director of The Soul Project in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, she is thriving in a community she created that inspires her and so many women, every single day. What started as a safe place where women could come together to tell their stories of struggle, triumph and hope has now expanded to include adolescent workshops and partnerships with survivor led organizations, all working in symphony to heal and empower women once caught up in prostitution and sex trafficking. The Soul Project also extends its heart and hands to widows, widowers and children who have lost a parent. Says Kristie: “Souls hang on to pain. We’re giving women a safe platform so that they can release that shame and pain and move on into their most empowered selves.”

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