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Kala Farnham

217 | Kala Farnham - Connecticut State Troubadour

Music is my first language. It’s the way I learned to express and process my feelings.

- Kala Farnham

Kala Farnham is a gifted musician, singer, and songwriter who grew up in a house full of music. Her parents were a successful folk duo who encouraged musical exploration and weren’t at all surprised when Kala started playing the piano at three. As she grew up, Kala added guitar, banjo, dulcimer, harp, and more. In this interview, she reveals being very shy and says that her early songwriting was “a messy, outpouring of emotion.” As the Connecticut State Troubadour, Kala’s vision is to inspire her audiences through the transformative power of musical storytelling. She has garnered many awards including the 2020 Falcon Ridge Festival Emerging Artist Award and is the 2019 Rose Garden Performing Songwriter Contest winner. Her advice to songwriters? “Write what you are afraid to write about and tune into your gifts to find a way to transform and serve the lives around you.” For an up-close and personal interview with an emerging folk artist with a voice and a heart of gold, just hit that download button. #folkmusic #singer #songwriter #connecticut

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