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Joanna Dutra

229 | Joanna Dutra: Founder, The Creative Confidant,

"When we talk about people, it’s very easy to talk about the things we don’t do well. We easily go to our weaknesses. My job is to encourage people to think about their strengths and what makes them a leading product". -Joanna Dutra

Today’s story is all about using our gifts, talents, and collective experience to create a new chapter in our lives. Joanna Dutra plays the piano and the violin. She sings and she’s even a stand-up comedian. After spending 20 years developing brand identities for Fortune 500 companies, she decided it was time to use her skills to help people instead of products. As the founder of The Creative Confidant. Joanna is sharing what she knows with clients who come to her in search of a personal brand that reflects “who they are and where they stand.” In this interview, Joanna credits her grandfather with inspiring her work ethic. Born in Italy, he came to the United States at 9, unable to speak English. His compelling personality and zest for life propelled his personal and financial success story despite many obstacles. The way he lived his life became a roadmap for Joanna. A graduate of Georgetown University, it was Joanna’s love of sports that brought her to Boston where she has remained for decades, raising two daughters who inspire her every day. A big believer in taking chances, Joanna says: “We don’t grow when we are comfortable. We only grow when we are uncomfortable.” For 24 minutes of passion, purpose, and high-spirited wisdom just hit that download button. #passion #confidence #coaching

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