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Jill Fopiano

105|Jill Fopiano - Podcast Interview

I had a trader pour tequila on my head because I wouldn’t kiss him in the middle of the trading floor. To react to that would have been career suicide on Wall Street in the 1990’s, so I laughed it off and grew some pretty thick skin. - JillFopiano

Making her way in the financial world has been quite a ride for Jill Fopiano. She never really got used to being the only female at the table, but she always did her best to be heard, even when she was mistaken for a secretary. As the years passed, she added designations and credentials to her name like CFA, CFP and an MBA from Yale. The goal was to demand the same level of respect given to her male counterparts. Armed with the wisdom that comes from real world experience, Jill made the move to O’Brien Wealth Partners LLC as a Principal. In 2016, she became the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and majority owner of the all-female owned firm. One of her missions is to break down the “Money Taboo” which is the idea that it is impolite or improper for women to talk about money. Jill’s aim is to create an environment where women are financially confident and empowered. Says Jill: “we don’t hide behind mahogany walls, leather briefcases and power suits. We sit on the same side of the table as our clients.” The single mom of two sons, there is no such thing as the work/family balance for this powerhouse. No stranger to long work days, there are times when she runs to her son’s baseball games in a black dress and red heels, just in time to stand-in as a third base coach. A member of the Women’s President’s Organization, Jill is committed to mentoring and advancing women owned businesses in the Boston area and beyond. Her top 5 secrets for balancing career, family and self include this pearl of wisdom: “On your worst or hardest days, wear your best tutu.” Right on, Jill. #womeninfinance #storybehindhersuccess #singlemoms

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