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Hildy Grossman

168| Hildy Grossman Podcast Interview

I hate the word “no”. I hate the words “you can’t do it” and I hate “its been done before.”

-Hildy Grossman

When she was just a little girl growing up in Cincinnati, Hildy Grossman knew that singing on a stage would be part of her life. Her father was the owner of a famous night club called The Beverly Hills Country Club and among the many A-list performers who appeared there, Lena Horne was her favorite. Years later, the jazz singer with an impressive repertoire would become one of the founding members of the Follen Angels, singing timeless jazz tunes, songs from the American songbook, and even Cabaret songs in German, French and Russian. The mother of two and a clinical psychologist by day, Hildy developed her talents as a director and producer with the creation of the Devotion Follies for 10 years. When a surprise lung cancer diagnosis shook her to her core, she harnessed more of her boundless energy to create a non-profit called Upstage Lung Cancer which has raised over 3 million dollars earmarked for cutting edge, early detection and research. In this inspiring interview, you will meet a woman who has spent her life developing her talents, and using them every day. For this passionate singer, producer, director, playwright, novelist, podcaster, fundraiser and clinical psychologist, the sky is the limit.

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