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Francesca Amari Part 1

226 | Francesca Amari Part 1: Cabaret Singer,

I am an honest singer. I screw up on stage, I own it. I laugh at myself. I look at people when I sing, I don’t sing over them. I’m just really human. -Francesca Amari

Our west coast swing continues with an interview that ended up taking place IN MY RENTAL CAR! Francesca Amari is a fabulously talented cabaret singer, so when she agreed to be on the show, we made a plan to do the interview at a television station in Thousand Palms, California where she just happened to be filming that day. At the last minute, the studio we were supposed to record in became unavailable, so we punted and ended up driving to a hotel parking lot, right beside “the 10” which is California’s mega highway. As I set up my microphones and recording equipment, Francesca and I bonded over our love for 12-time Grammy winner Linda Ronstadt. Bonus: you’ll hear us sing one of Linda’s signature songs, LIVE from the front seat. This interview is a deep dive into the heart and mind of someone who has been singing since she was about 2 years old, first with her siblings as The Amari Sisters and later on iconic stages and legendary venues from New York City to Hollywood, California. Francesca is a master at the craft of cabaret singing and is willing to tackle just about every kind of vocal from pop tunes to Broadway, to Jazz to Big Band. Her tributes to Linda Ronstadt and Gilda Radner are instant sellouts and her fans follow her wherever she goes. During the pandemic, she missed performing so much, she created a weekly live-stream event called Cocktails & Cabaret which earned her the 2021 BroadwayWorld Palm Springs Award for “Best Streaming Concert/Cabaret. Part One of our time together includes Francesca’s firm belief that she doesn’t pick the songs she sings, they pick her. She also offers plenty of wisdom about harmonizing and sharing the stage with others. Says Francesca: “Your talent shines more when you are with other people who are also talented. “ No matter what you do for a living, Francesca’s interview is full of the kind of wisdom you need to put your goals and dreams in motion.

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