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Ellie Anbinder

021 | Ellie Anbinder - Podcast Interview

27 years ago, Ellie Anbinder heard the words "you have breast cancer". With no family history of the disease, she began asking her doctors how she got breast cancer in the first place and no one seemed to have an answer. So she decided to dig deep into the disease, only to find that 93% of all breast cancer funding goes to treatment and cure, not prevention. To Ellie, this made no sense. She is the founder of Find The Cause:, a non-profit focused on discovering the why behind a disease 1 in 8 women will experience in their lifetime. Find The Cause funds scientists and researchers who work tirelessly in labs right here in Boston with a focus on toxic chemicals and their effect on our bodies and our environment. Her passion to find the cause of breast cancer is not just about protecting her family, but yours, too. In this way, Ellie Anbinder is a trailblazer and her story will inspire and inform you. #storybehindhersuccess#16LifeLessons

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