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Elin Schran

204 | Elin Schran - Figure Skater, Choreographer & Founder of Joy Skate Productions

I don’t really believe in obstacles. If there’s a wall, you get on top of it and start dancing - Elin Schran

Meet Elin Schran, Founder of Joy Skate Productions: She’s passionate about making ice skating accessible to all and spends her days bringing specially designed camps and clinics to rinks that accommodate skaters of every age and every ability, including adaptive/therapeutic skating clinics. For this exceptional woman, ice skating= joy. You see,

Elin is the daughter of Olympic Figure Skating Champion Tenley Albright who was the five-time National Champion, two-time World Champion, Silver Medalist at the 1952 Olympics in Oslo, Norway and the Gold Medalist at the Olympics in Cortina, Italy in 1956. In this interview, we hear Tenley’s inspiring story through her daughter’s loving eyes and learn that Elin was never pressured into figure skating. It’s just a sport she couldn’t resist. She loves the twirling, the precision, the feeling of freedom and act of flying through the air and it is this joy that she hopes to bring to others through Joy Skate Productions. Now a mother herself, Elin shares her experiences on the ice as a member of Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades, as the Founder of Boston Ice Theatre and co-founder of Frozen Frog Productions. She believes in manifesting your dreams and goals, which is something her mother taught her when she was growing up: “Put it out into the ether. Let it be, visualize it, and it’s going to happen.” In this episode, we come to know Elin as a woman who has spent her life on the ice, while shining her own light, crafting her own unique skating story. For 23 minutes of joy and inspiration on ice, just hit that download button!

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