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Dianna Huff

219 | Dianna Huff - President, Huff Industrial Marketing,

My jaw dropped when I learned what was happening to the manufacturing industry. I didn’t realize that everything had been off-shored. So in 2015, I made the commitment to buy only products made in the USA. - Dianna Huff

Born and raised in California, Dianna Huff had the kind of childhood that remains difficult to talk about to this day. She was fortunate to have an English teacher who told her she could write and a guidance counselor who insisted she apply to college. Fortunately, Dianna was admitted to a California state college under the EOP: Educational Opportunity Program based on her financial need. Now the President of Huff Industries, www.huffindustrialmarketing she is blazing a trail for women in the manufacturing industry and her focus is helping businesses that make their products in the United States The pandemic launched a worldwide shipping crisis making Americans acutely aware that much of what we use every day is not made here. In fact, only 3% of clothing is made in the USA and what Dianna calls the “paying field” is not level. Manufacturers in the USA have a very hard time competing with products coming in from other countries for pennies on the dollar. Filled with inspiring stories of her life, this interview includes stories from Dianna about how her local library card and books saved her, giving her a window into a whole new world where she could imagine accomplishing great things. Says Dianna “Never, ever doubt yourself. If you can survive a terrible childhood or any kind of adversity, you can survive anything.” For more wisdom you can use, just hit that download button. #keepitmadeusa #madeintheusa #manufacturing #entreprenuer #womeninbusiness

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