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Debby Sabin

193 | Debby Sabin - Founder of Lovelane Special Needs Riding Program

I tell the parents of special needs children: your child can do more than you think. Unleash all of their possibilities and find people who also believe in what they can do. - Debby Sabin

It’s been 7 years since I’ve interviewed Debby Sabin. She is a licensed Occupational Therapist and the Founder of Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Program. A not for profit therapeutic riding program serving disabled children from 3 years old to young adults, Lovelane is a place where children with disabilities find freedom, joy and renewed confidence while learning to ride horses. Founded in 1988 at a little stable in Weston, Massachusetts called Love Lane, Debby got her start with a skeleton staff, a couple of horses, and about 5 students per week. Today, Lovelane is a state of the art riding facility in Lincoln, Massachusetts designed specifically for children with special needs. The program serves 130 students per week with 19 staff members, 197 volunteers and 12 horses. After 31 years as the Executive Director & Program Director of Lovelane, Debby now serves on the board of directors, but continues to teach the children who she says have taught her more about possibility, courage and life than we can ever imagine. Says Debby: “Make sure you are honest to your true north. Your passion, your purpose, what you love. Always count your blessings. “ For a look at the miracles that happen every day at Lovelane, check out their YouTube channel. #lovelane #occupationaltherapy #horses

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Candy you are a magician, artist and calming voice, wrapped in one! I wish you would follow me around and edit everything I say! You are amazing and brilliant at what you do and how you do it! Thanks for the chance to do it again and Talk about inspiring woman! wow. best, Debby Sabin

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