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Dawn Kohler Part 2

224 | Dawn Kohler: Part 2, author of The Messages

I knew in the depths of my soul that all of this had a reason. I knew I was going to get to the other side. -Dawn Kohler

Last week’s episode was incredibly powerful and so is part 2 of the story of Dawn Kohler, author of the memoir The Messages. Now an in-demand executive coach who helps her clients re-awaken their purpose and their passion, Dawn is an incest survivor who has spent decades working through her deep sense of loss and shame. Her testimony in this interview is not graphic, but it is brutally honest, so if you have children nearby who might hear this interview, I suggest that you wait for a time when you are alone or with other adults. In this interview, Dawn explains that the inaudible messages she was receiving right around her own daughter’s 5th birthday were triggered by the fact that her father raped her at that very same age. She also discovers that he shared her with other men who were part of a molestation group. Throughout her deep depression and psychotherapy, Dawn’s first husband supported her and somehow, she was able to care for her three children. Says Dawn: “The kids kept me alive. There is no doubt about it. I’m sure I dropped the ball on several occasions, but I wanted to be there for them, no matter what.” Enrolled in the same Tai Chi class as the mother and sister of murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson, Dawn explains how Tai Chi relieves muscle tension and releases feelings of loss and grief. Her experience over a 3 day period when the messages culminated in a profound, divine encounter will remind you of our universal responsibility to love one another or perish. For a life-changing story that simply must be heard, hit that download button. If you or someone you love is experiencing sexual abuse, text HOME to 741741 or go to: to speak immediately to a volunteer crisis counselor.

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