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Colleen Ferry

184 | Colleen Ferry Interview

During Covid, I just knew that this is an industry that is never going to die. People are always going to want to get married. I knew we were going to have to adapt, but a bride will always want a beautiful dress on her wedding day. - Colleen Ferry

For this interview, we’re taking a road trip to a little town near the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border called Chelmsford for a conversation with Colleen Ferry, a young woman who is the queen of the pivot. A gifted singer, she spent her teen years and early adulthood as part of a hugely successful girl group called “Angels Among Us” and has performed nationwide on iconic stages, including Madison Square Garden. When overuse of her voice caused thickening of the vocal chords, Colleen had to reimagine next chapter and at the suggestion her grandfather, applied for a job at a local bridal store. 17 years later, Colleen is the owner of Chantilly Place where she makes sure every one of her brides feels like the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day. If you are kicking off 2022 by imaging what your next big chapter might be, this episode will light your fire, and inspire you to make it happen. #entrepreneur #passion #NewYearsResolutions

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