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Christmas Edition 2023

257 | Christmas Edition 2023 -

My wish, for you this Christmas?  Time for gratitude, for love, for hope, and for planting seeds that bloom in 2024.  - Candy O’Terry 

I’ve been looking forward to spending some time with you!   Welcome to a very special holiday edition of The Story Behind Her Success. Gratitude is a powerful emotion and I’m always grateful to you for listening.  This episode includes exclusive content including my answers to your email questions about the creation of the show, favorite interviews, on-air stories, and songs I’ve recorded throughout my career.   Ask anyone with a podcast or a radio show and they’ll tell you:  the listener is always # 1.  Thank you for listening every week.   I’ll keep bringing you the stories if you promise to keep on listening.  #podcast #radio #womensupportingwomen

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