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Catherine Pisacane

176 | Catherine Pisacane Podcast Interview

Success is when you help somebody on a path to a better tomorrow. - Catherine Pisacane

There is no shortage of women doing great things with their lives and Catherine Pisacane is proof of that. For her, success is not measured by fame or fortune, but rather, by the impact she makes on her community. After hearing a news story about 4 brothers who had been removed from their home by the police after it was discovered that they were being starved by their parents, Catherine noticed that each child had been given a stuffed animal by the police officer, as a way of comforting them. Catherine was inspired to do her own stuffed animal drive and after receiving thousands of stuffed animals, she donated them to fire and police departments, as well as social services. In 2003, Project Smile was born with a broad mission: dedicated to helping people in need. In 2020, she launched another initiative called Suites & Smiles which provides work attire for men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds who face barriers to getting a job because they don’t have the clothing they need to show up at a job interview. In this episode, Catherine gives advice to anyone who wants to create a non-profit. She also reflects on why doing what she does brings her so much joy, and what success really means.

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