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Carrie Allen

228 | Carrie Allen: Managing Partner, Captains of Innovation,

It’s hard to Innovate because It’s not a linear process, it's often circuitous. So if you fail, pick yourself up and learn from it. You might go in a new direction. - Carrie Allen

Having a great idea and acting on it, nurturing it into reality, and believing in its merit is a lot like finding buried treasure at the bottom of the ocean. If your idea works, the rewards are huge. Carrie Allen has spent her career focused on innovation: helping people steward new ideas, methods, and products. Her clients are trailblazers who have taken great ideas and turned them into dreams come true to form thriving businesses. As Managing Partner of CIC Captains of Innovation in Cambridge, MA. she and her team provide bespoke white glove innovation consulting from new idea generation to commercialization, and in the process, is creating a global network of doers and dreamers in a city that is home to both MIT and Harvard. Says Carrie: “the companies that succeed are those that can navigate ambiguity.” Raised in Kentucky by her father, after her parent’s divorce divided the family in two, Carrie admits to learning how to be resilient as a child and names her beloved grandmother as her role model. Her passion and determination are evident in everything she does, including taking on work-life balance in a blended family with love and grace, while scratching her own creative itch with handcrafted linens she markets through her website: For a brief encounter with a creative guru, hit that download button.

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