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Carmen Fields

142|Carmen Fields - Podcast Interview

Lord, you don’t have to move my mountains, just give me the strength to climb. - Carmen Fields

She may have grown up in a segregated community outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, but Carmen Fields was surrounded by love and encouragement. The daughter of a teacher and a very well-known big band leader, she knew she wanted to write. That love of writing led to a 40 year career as a print and broadcast journalist, a media relations pro and a college professor. In this interview, Carmen and I settled in for a look back at a career that continues to inspire to this day. It was her mother who encouraged Carmen to come to Boston from Oklahoma saying: “You’ve never been East before, why don’t you go ahead to Boston, and just remember, you can always come home if it doesn’t work out.” Well, it did work out and Carmen has both passion and perseverance to thank for her success. As a black female reporter on the City Desk at the Boston Globe, there were neighborhoods she was afraid to go into during the Boston busing crisis. Yet, as Carmen says: “those old men in the newsroom with their cigars and off color jokes took me under their wing” and she continued to grow as a print journalist. Her career story includes her experience as a TV anchor, her stint as a press secretary to the Suffolk County District Attorney, her public relations roles at the United Way and National Grid her love of teaching at Boston University and her long running public affairs program on WHDH called Higher Ground. When it comes to the responsibilities of a journalist, Carmen Fields is clear: “I still look at journalism as the first draft of history. And I still look at journalist’s role as a responsibility to give the facts and some of the context and background and yes, even get both sides of the story.” For a look at a career worth emulating, hit that download button. #womeninmedia #storybehindhersuccess #journalism

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