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Beth Veneto aka "Ginger Betty"

175| Beth Veneto aka "Ginger Betty" Podcast Interview

This is all about heart, it’s about passion, it’s about giving back. -Beth Veneto “Ginger Bet

Beth Veneto calls her bakery Ginger Betty’s and the cookies she bakes are filled with love. One of 8 children raised in Quincy, Massachusetts, Beth’s cookie story began when she was about 10 years old, while baking gingerbread under the watchful eye of her big sister, Karen. For Beth, baking gingerbread cookies became a passion, not just at Christmas time, but all year long. In 1995, she decided to make her dream of opening her own bakery at delicious reality and Ginger Betty’s was opened on a little side street in North Quincy, MA. It wasn’t long before the smell of her soft, gingersnap cookies filled the air and loyal customers lined up for her yummy macaroons covered in M&M’s, brownies to die for and personalized gingerbread boys, girls, brides and grooms. A new, 5,000 square foot location was found and today, Ginger Betty and her team ship their products far and wide. A true patriotic, Beth created the Ginger Betty Foundation to support U.S. troops. She is the author of two children’s books: “Ginger Betty, the Gingerbread Girl” & “Ginger Betty’s Christmas.” In this interview, Beth shares her sweet philosophy about the importance of living your dreams, sharing cookies, and making friends

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