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Anne Jolles

010 | Anne Jolles - Podcast Interview

As an award-winning life coach, Anne Jolles has spent her career helping people find their way. When she experienced personal hardship, she found herself searching for a new sense of hope and strength. Alone in her kitchen, she had an idea and before she knew it, that idea blossomed into the Grace Trail, a one mile path around Nelson Park in Plymouth where walkers find sea stones at various locations, each with a message about grace and an invitation to answer 5 questions about gratitude, release, acceptance, challenge and embrace. Now widely known as an author, TEDx and public speaker, Anne is constantly inspired by the stories of the people who walk The Grace Trail, whether it be in Plymouth, in spots around the world, or virtually with the help of her guides. In this episode of The Story Behind Her Success, she shares the lessons the Grace Trail offers to anyone who walks it. Learn more at Subscribe, download, rate and review this podcast today and never miss an episode.

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