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Anna Nieman

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I don’t just make pretty dresses. If I design a dress that doesn’t excite the woman who is wearing it, this is not good enough. Every piece of art should excite you. -Anna Nieman

Born in Belarus in the former USSR, Anna Nieman learned all about perseverance and hard work from her parents. Her father was a messanger for the resistance during World War II. Captured by Stalin’s army at only 17, he was sent to the gulag for 5 years. Always an artist with a deep love for nature, Anna spent her days as a child, painting pictures on the banks of the Nieman River, eventually immigrating to the United States in 1991 in search of her dreams. When the plane touched down in New York City, she knew only one word of English: “taxi” which came in very handy. Her rise in the fashion industry is a testimony to her strong belief in freedom, entrepreneurship, female empowerment, and the American Dream. Once a nanny, she learned how to speak English by taking ESL classes, talking to people, and reading books. While the children took naps, Anna combed through the Boston Globe and saw an ad for a fit model. Not knowing what a fit model was, she noticed that her measurements matched the job description, so Anna applied and got the job. She would spend years honing her craft working with J-Jill, Talbots, Appleseeds, and Chadwicks of Boston, soaking up every piece of knowledge she could from fashion industry pros who looked at her early designs and encouraged her to go out on her own. In 2010 she launched Anna Nieman Couture Recently voted Best in the City as a designer of women’s formal wear by Boston Common Magazine, Anna describes her design style as “classic, beautiful, feminine and flattering.” Her devotion to her customers is what motivates her. Says Anna: “I give myself a grade and if I see a smile on a woman’s face, and I make her happy, goal achieved!” For a tutorial on making your dreams come true, just hit that download button. #americandream #fashion #formalwear

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