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Amy Goober

150|Amy Goober - Podcast Interview

Women, at some point along the way, forget or need to be reminded, that they are in control of their own lives. The philosophy is: put yourself on your to-do list. - Amy Goober​

This is a story about reinvention. Amy Goober is living proof that we all have chapters in our lives and the treasure lies in what we learn from them. In her first job, straight out of college, Amy worked for a major advertising agency in Boston where she got her foot in the door as a secretary, spending four years working her way up to Account Executive. It was there that she shared her love of making cakes and was soon asked to make elaborate cakes for the agency’s high end clients. Before you know it, Amy had a plan to own her own bakery called The Icing On The Cake in nearby Newton, MA. With no business experience, she launched her tiny hole in the wall shop and grew the bakery to legendary status with two parts grit and one part chutzpah. Her decision to sell the bakery and stay home to raise her three children for the next twenty years is an ode to mother-love and her new chapters as a certified health coach, speaker, author and founder of Drive Your Life are proof that Amy is living her life to the fullest. In this chapter of her ever-evolving life, Amy’s goal is to reach as many women as she can with the message that: “the things we regret are the things we don’t do. Perfect is the enemy of done. Just get out there, and do it.” #reinvention #driveyourlife #storybehindhersuccess

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