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Long before I was a broadcaster and podcaster, I was a pre-school teacher.  As a singer, I used my voice to help children find their unique little voices through song, imagination, creative movement, positive reinforcement and storytelling. Candy's Land is a 4-part series focused on songs, creative movement and positive messages for young children during the pandemic. But it's also my gift to parents who just need a break! All you have

to do is cue up an episode. I’ve got you. You're welcome.  xoCandy O  

Episode #4:  Silly Songs!

Candy’s feeling a little silly today, so she’s teaching silly songs!  She spies us with her binoculars and says hello to children watching Candy’s Land in Virginia and New York. If you’d like Candy to say “hello” to your child, just shoot her a note:  We learn lots of new songs including Down Down Baby, Ram Sam Sam, and  I’m Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee. Our word of the day is “feelings” and Maurice Sendak’s classic book Where The Wild Things Are helps us understand that everyone gets angry sometimes.

Episode #3:  Sing, Jump & Smile

Candy shows your child that singing Happy Birthday while washing your hands is a great way to take the germs away. We practice songs like She Sailed Away, and Miss Polly Had A Dolly and learn Oh, Mr. Sun, Where Is Thumbkins and If You’re Happy & You Know It. The word of the day is “hope” and our book is That’s What A Friend Is by P.K. Hallinan.

Episode #2:  The More We Get Together

Candy welcomes you back to her home in Boston where something unexpected has happened: it snowed and the daffodils don’t like it! We review some action songs with lots of gestures and learn Do Your Ears Hang Low. The word of the day is “patience” and Candy talks to your child about how hard it can be to wait for things to go back to normal during the pandemic. Laura Joffe Numeroff’s book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie adds some silly laughter to an episode with a powerful message children can understand.

Episode #1:  Getting To Know You

Your child meets Candy for the first time in this episode and the creative movement begins right away with Touch Your Nose, Touch Your Toes, Jump Jim Joe, The Fishing Song, the word of the day, and lots of silly songs with gestures. Our book is If You Can, We Can by Beth Shoshan & Petra Brown, a sweet celebration of friendship that explores the joy of doing things together. 

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