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Featuring 16 Life Lessons, an inspiring collection of photos and mantras for women of all ages. 


It has taken a few years to bring the idea for 16 Life Lessons to life.  On a cold winter’s day in 2016, I found myself sitting in my favorite comfy chair with tears streaming down my face. The decision to leave Magic 106.7 was completely my own.  I didn’t want to get up at 3:30AM anymore to do morning drive. It was exhausting!  But leaving the station also meant leaving so much of what I loved:  my friends, my mentors, our listeners, the thrill of doing LIVE radio, and most of all, interviewing exceptional women. Of all the things I’d accomplished in my 25 year career on the air in Boston, the weekly Exceptional Women show I had created back way in 1992 was what missed the most.

So, I grabbed my journal and started to write. Before I knew it, the page was filled with words of wisdom I had learned from women we had featured over 23 years on the show.   Their words, their stories, just flowed out of me. And now, 16 Life Lessons are inspiring pieces of art created to inspire women everywhere.


Each life lesson is 8x12 on canvas and ready for your favorite wall. Take a look around and pick the one(s) that speak to you.

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