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I think I was three when my father lifted me up onto the cocktail table to sing for our dinner guests. He would throw olives to our dalmation Chessy while I sang Edelweiss from The Sound of Music. I spent hours alone in my room, listening to pop radio, playing my albums, reading liner notes and singing into the mirror with a real microphone and amplifier, precious gifts from my father.


Fast forward to Boston College where I  started singing in coffeehouses and to the early days of my singing career when my children Chris and Colleen were little and I competed on Star Search, fronted a band called Stage Unlimited and began singing jingles that ended up on the radio. That's when radio became a magnet for me...



I got a scholarship as a single mom to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and landed a job at Boston's Magic 106.7 where I could be around the music all day long and get paid for it! On the air for nearly 25 years, I've loved connecting with listeners and have experienced the pure joy of hearing my own songs on the radio.

Everything I have ever recorded is on this album. The power of connections, loyalty and friendship have made this dream come true. From Grammy nominee Jim Brickman, to radio programming superstars Don Kelley and David Corey, Boston rocker Charlie Farren, jazz prodigy Grace Kelly and the legendary Livingston Taylor, I have been blessed with the chance to do what I love most: sing a song.


Thanks to fans like you, nearly two thousand dollars was raised for Lucy's Love Bus through sales of Dream Come True. Created by twelve-year-old Lucy Grogan a few months before she died of a rare form of leukemia, Lucy’s Love Bus is a charity that provides comfort and quality of life to pediatric cancer patients. To read Lucy’s story, please visit

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