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Teri Adler

144|Teri Adler - Podcast Interview

I learned to be a great storyteller on TV and when I’m selling a house, I’m telling you the story of that house. Buyers want that emotion, that’s what sells. - Teri Adler

This is a story about reinvention. Meet Teri Adler, Principal of The Teri Adler Group and a Boston area residential real estate superstar. For the past twelve years, she has been a top broker for Pinnacle Residential Properties, including Broker of the Year, but her career path began with a very successful run as a reporter and news anchor on stations from the Cape to New Hampshire, to Hartford and finally, in Boston at WHDH and WBZ. Turns out, Teri has used her well-honed storytelling skills to sell houses and this interview reveals what it took to make the transition from one profession to the other. The mother of three daughters, including a special needs child, Teri speaks candidly about a decision she and her husband made regarding how they were going to raise their firstborn child: “Jeff and I decided we were not going to let Alexandra’s disability define her, our our family.” Her advice about multiple careers and what really matters in life are insightful and well worth your download. Says Teri: “Life is going to take you to places you never imagined and you have to bend and grow with it. There is no blueprint.” #reinvention #storybehindhersuccess #womeninmedia #realestate

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