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Roberta Sydney

066|Roberta Sydney - Podcast Interview

Meet a woman who's outstanding career has had three chapters: one in finance/banking, one in real estate development and one as an independent director, executive and business builder. In this candid interview, Roberta Sydney shares her belief that relationships in business and in our personal lives are everything. Now the CEO of Sydney Associates, Roberta's rise to the top has often included being the only woman in the room and at the negotiating table. She is guided by a tireless work ethic and a true passion for bringing out the best in every person she works with. A graduate of Wellesley College, Harvard Business School and MIT, Roberta is in a league of her own, and could easily sit on her laurels, yet this exceptional woman has made it a priority to help and guide the next generation of women executives. "I believe in finding the genius in others and allowing that to shine," says Roberta. And if you think her life has been easy, think again. This is a story rooted in love of family, responsibility, and determination. For an entre into excellence in business and in life, download Roberta's powerful life story.

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