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Daniela Corte

221 | Daniela Corte - Women’s Clothing Designer

Fashion never ends. Fashion never sleeps. - Daniela Corte

Fueled by a passion for fashion and a love of espresso, Argentinian-born women’s clothing designer Daniela Corte wakes up at the crack of dawn ready to create her signature pieces. Voted Best Women’s Clothing Designer by Boston Magazine in 2021, Daniela has been

making women feel elegant and beautiful in her clothes since 2000. In this interview, she shares stories of her elegant mother who was always put together, and her father who was a clothier in Argentina. He taught her the importance of treating employees like family and with a deep respect for hard work. Daniela’s inspiration comes from beautiful textiles. She remembers fondly how a delivery of a bolt of fabric to her father’s shop was her greatest joy. Known for creating clothes “made to measure”, Daniela is the queen of the perfect fit. She believes that there are 5-10 must-haves in a woman’s closet. “The perfect blazer, the perfect little black dress, the perfect fitting jeans and black pants, and some silk tops and then, you’re golden!” A big believer in making a strong first impression, Daniela says: “Style is confidence. Style is power. Style is courage. Style is strength.” For a look inside the creative mind of a fashionista who never sleeps, just hit that download button.

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